For a limited time, we're offering substantial savings on M-Performance Power & Sound Kits for BMW 340i and 440i. The MPPSK delivers an excellent power boost (265 kW) as wella s enhanced exhaust note.

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The BMW M Performance Power and Sound Kit provides an optimised power boost (265 kW) for the B58 series engine in the 340i and 440i. The new, performance-optimised engine update, coupled with the perfectly-tuned valve silencer system make the 340i and 440i an uncompromising sport experience for all the senses.


Improved acceleration, an impressive torque and a faster response are the improvements that drivers can feel immediately after installation. The acceleration values (from 0 to 100 km/h) are improved by 0.2 seconds.Inspirational driving performance, sporty dynamic co-ordination. The valve silencer system allows performance to be boosted to as much as 265 kW/500 Nm. This is an increase that provides inspiration and impresses with exceptional driving performance